Saturday, 15 February 2014

Tips on Blog Writing

These are some tips I have gathered while looking through other peoples blogs.  I am still continuously reading over these tips myself in order to help myself improve my own blog writing and I hope they will be of some use to others.

 1.  Pick a Theme
Pick a theme for your blog that will not only interest your viewers, but a theme that interests yourself as well.

2.  Pick a Set Topic-Writing
Keep the theme running through the blog.
Do tips, reviews - keep them tied together within the same subject line.
Stories should flow into each other, as a continuation of chapters.

3.  Schedule
Create and prepare 5 posts ahead of each schedule.
Its good to have several posts written and ready for posting, this way you keep yourself on schedule.

4.  Keep Format Simple
Create a few pages for your posts :-
An about page - tell people about yourself,
Keep the posts simple in format,
Opening paragraph - create bullet point lists
Closing paragraph - ask questions for discussion.

5.  G+ Follow
Place your follow button near your posts
This will make it easier for people to follow your blog posts.

6.  Update Schedule
Have a set day for new posts.
Create monthly book reviews.
Pick and create a set schedule that will be easy for yourself to update, for your viewers this schedule makes it easier for them to follow you.

I hope these points will not only be useful in helping myself create a better more valuable blog that people will want to view and follow, but may also help other bloggers who are starting out like myself.  
Good luck to all you first-time bloggers.

I intend to start a more punctual blog and to do that I will be posting on Friday evenings.
Themes are important and their are website reviews I would like to write about, along with book reviews, as I am a big reader. 
 If their are any websites or books that anybody would like to suggest I should look at, then please let me know, I will consider all. 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

New Year, New Start

Happy New Year to everyone.

No matter who you are or where you are, everybody has the same wish for a new year, too wipe the slate clean.  We all do this by trying to put all the bad decisions we made during the previous year being us.  We become wiser and stronger by learning from our mistakes, and this is what shapes us all and helps us go forward.  Everybody has the same wish, especially during these economic times, that things can only get better, and they can do, but it is up to us ourselves to go out fighting.  Through hard graft and a lot off persistence we can achieve our dreams and hopes to make life better, if not for ourselves then for our families that depend on us.  For must people knowing their is others depending on us for survival is what gives us that push and driving force to be the best we can and aim higher into life, even if that means doing enough for daily survival.

This year I have already promised myself too get focused a hundred percent not only on my studies, but by also achieving a place off work that can help me myself to progress further within my new vocation field.