Saturday, 15 February 2014

Tips on Blog Writing

These are some tips I have gathered while looking through other peoples blogs.  I am still continuously reading over these tips myself in order to help myself improve my own blog writing and I hope they will be of some use to others.

 1.  Pick a Theme
Pick a theme for your blog that will not only interest your viewers, but a theme that interests yourself as well.

2.  Pick a Set Topic-Writing
Keep the theme running through the blog.
Do tips, reviews - keep them tied together within the same subject line.
Stories should flow into each other, as a continuation of chapters.

3.  Schedule
Create and prepare 5 posts ahead of each schedule.
Its good to have several posts written and ready for posting, this way you keep yourself on schedule.

4.  Keep Format Simple
Create a few pages for your posts :-
An about page - tell people about yourself,
Keep the posts simple in format,
Opening paragraph - create bullet point lists
Closing paragraph - ask questions for discussion.

5.  G+ Follow
Place your follow button near your posts
This will make it easier for people to follow your blog posts.

6.  Update Schedule
Have a set day for new posts.
Create monthly book reviews.
Pick and create a set schedule that will be easy for yourself to update, for your viewers this schedule makes it easier for them to follow you.

I hope these points will not only be useful in helping myself create a better more valuable blog that people will want to view and follow, but may also help other bloggers who are starting out like myself.  
Good luck to all you first-time bloggers.

I intend to start a more punctual blog and to do that I will be posting on Friday evenings.
Themes are important and their are website reviews I would like to write about, along with book reviews, as I am a big reader. 
 If their are any websites or books that anybody would like to suggest I should look at, then please let me know, I will consider all. 

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