Friday, 2 January 2015

A Look Back At My Year of 2014

January 2014

Like every other year must of us spend January trying to recover from Christmas and paying the bills conjured during this time so nothing special their.  Except for the cold which is never a surprise here


This seen the celebration of not only St Valentine's day but also my Son Dylans 17th birthday.


This was an up and down month as my Granny Maisie died aged 89yrs on the 5th after suffering dementia for 6 years and leukaemia for 4 months

While my son Dylan attended his first Formal, looking good all dressed up


This turned into a joyous month with the 16th birthday of my daughter Leah

But the beginning of spring seen Easter and the start of the good weather                                             


This was a very happy month in which we celebrated my beautiful niece Grace First Holy Communion.  That was a brilliant day with the whole family together



Which seen the start of summer, what a change the sun at last to relax in


We celebrated the 15th birthday of my son Christopher and the good weather seen the garden in bloom

The sunshine also seen some lovely days out along the coast to Warrenpoint


It was a fairly quiet month to start of with while we celebrated my hubby's birthday and our wedding anniversary


Seen the kids go back to school and while my daughter Leah started her first year of college, my son Dylan returning for his second year.  

I had been growing our own veg so now we got a first harvest of spuds


This is usually an up and down month with the cold weather setting in and the clocks going back an hour seeing the shorter days draw in, but the celebration of Halloween always seems to cheer the month up a bit.


This month I was very proud of my daughter Leah she done her first proper play on stage of the musical Hairspray with the Bosco Drama group

Newry town also turned on their Christmas lights on the 21st


This brings in excitement for alot of people especially kids as Christmas draws closer, we put up our Xmas decorations on the 12th

I make a Xmas cake with help from everyone even Leah who decorates it

The long anticipated day arrives when not only where my kids and hubby pleased with what they got, but I also get what I have been wanting for a long time a new laptop...YES and the surprise of a new diamond ring

New Year 2015

Happy new year everyone hope you all have a good year.

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