Saturday, 17 January 2015

Snow at Last

Here we are again, snow and more snow but luckily we haven't got as much as everybody else.  I don't mind this but my hubby loves the snow and is not happy with the fact that we don't get as much snow, well I'm hoping we won't, we life in well you might as well call it a valley, as we have the Mourne mountains on one side and the Slieve Gullion on the other side which has meant the last couple of winters we haven't been getting as much snow as the rest of the country.

Today in order to keep hubby happy we took a drive out of Newry towards Hilltown not that really long of a drive, about ten minutes at most as Newry is pretty small but nice, we stopped along the country road to take a few photos of the mountains and hills covered in snow.  Plus this morning after I left kids to school I got pictures of our local surroundings in snow.

Its amazing how snow makes everything look so good, but we do have some pretty scenery.

Hope you like the photos

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