Tuesday, 18 July 2017


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Chair Sewing Caddy

This sewing caddy is one that I made for myself of my own design.  There is alot of patterns available out there online for various kinds of armchair sewing caddy's , but this one I thought was more suitable for myself although it is a bit smaller than others measuring 20" x 8".  I really wanted to make one of these that I could use just sitting at a chair while I did some general sewing or a bit of epp (English paper piecing) while relaxing in the evening in front of the t.v.

Materials Used

2 - 20" x 8" fabric for outer and inner lining, 1 x 20" interfacing
7" zip plus 8" x 5" fabric for pocket
2 - 8" x 5" fabric for open pocket
4 1/2" x 8" fabric for pin cushion
3" x 3" felt for needle holder
Ric Rac to hold thread spools
A large button to secure Ric Rac

How I Made This

1.  Too start I measured out 2 × 20 inch by 8 inch lengths of fabric one for the outside, and one for the inside lining.  I also measured out 1× 20 inch by 8 inch length of medium weight interfacing which I placed onto the wrong side of the outside fabric. 
 I placed the fabric wrong sides together and sewed diagonal lines going different directions just to give a quilted effect.

I used a sew write pen to draw the lines which disappear with the heat of an iron.

2.  The next step was too measure out 3 × 8 inch by 5 inch lengths of fabric.  Two of these lengths of fabric I sewed right sides together along one longer side, which I used for the open pocket.  I decided to line the open pocket just to give it some reinforcement, but that's your decision if you chose to do this on your pattern.  
The third length of fabric I used for the zip pocket for which I used a 7 inch zip.  I placed the longer 8 inch side of the fabric right side down edge to edge on the right side of the zip and sewed along this side.

I then placed the zip right side down onto the right side of the lining and sewed the zip down along the wrong side.  So the zip should look like this afterwards.

3.  The next thing to do is too measure out one 8 inch by 4 inch length of fabric for the pin cushion.  The size of this can be easily changed for what ever suits you the best.  I folded the fabric in half length ways right side together and sewed along one short side and down the long side, the bottom short side I left open for turning the fabric out the right way.  You can use anything you wish to fill the pin cushion I used some old but clean cushion filling.

4.  Now I got a piece of felt 6 inch by 3 inch for the needle holder.  I folded this felt in half length ways and sewed it down the center onto the lining.  For the needle holder you could adjust this to a size to suit you, but I felt 3 x 3 inches was just right to hold sewing needles.

5.  Now I pinned the pockets, pin cushion and the ric-rac into place and sewed around the edges of the outer fabric which now holds everything into place. 

6  For the binding I used a strip of left over ready made binding I had.  The binding I placed right side down to the right side of the outer fabric and sewed it down with a sewing machine using a small stitch just to give it a bit more reinforcement.  The other side of the binding I hand sewed into place.

I  hand sewed a large spare button into place opposite to were I attached the ric-rac.  

Hopefully this is off some use to somebody.  
I have attached a PDF pattern which you can use and readjust to how you want yours too look.  

If anyone uses my pattern I would like to see photos of your creations and hopefully I will have more creations to share with everybody soon.