Monday, 15 January 2018

My Baby Girl Camping

Brief update

Hi, everyone I keep promising myself that I would do regular updates on this blog, but so much has happened which prevented me in prioritising away from here.  The first of December I had planned to come and share some items I had managed time to make, but instead of being able to do that I had a real bad seizure which took me several weeks to recover from.  Other than that we had a quiet and happy Xmas I hope you did too, and a fun New Year.
I had also set out a plan to keep this updated from the start of the new year, but unfortunately my aunt who had basically raised me as a child and who for the last number of years had suffered greatly from a lung disease COPD.  It's hard to watch and see a person so close suffer like that knowing they might pass soon, and sadly she passed in her sleep peacefully on the 4th January, but now at least her suffering in pain is over.

Go Fund Me

Yep we had to set up a Gofundme site.  The reason behind it - My daughter had told and asked me and her dad about applying to attend Camp America this summer so we thought why not.  When she put her application in, which has been accepted and she passed the interview the real cost was not revealed at first, but now it is going to cost alot more than what we can afford.  Alot of you are probably saying why not ask your family, truthfully if we could we would but they are in the same boat as me and my husband working to barely survive. 
Why do we still want our daughter to do this to work as a counsellor in an American summer camp for kids, well she is 19 years old and has worked and studied in college for the last 4 years for her childcare qualifications.  While she has worked in childcare placements for 2 days a week and volunteered in our local youth club since she was 16 years old.  She is so good with kids I know this is an opportunity we can not let her pass over, that's why the page was set up to help her achieve this.  Myself and my husband have never travelled outside of the UK.  So we want her to be able to travel to other countries and have that experience in meeting people outside of Ireland, even though I am inside scared to death of some happening to her, well she is my only baby girl.

This GoFundMe page will let you donate as little as £5 of which even that we would be so grateful and even more grateful if you could share the link among your friends.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and or donate, please share